Alaskan Brown Bear – Ted


A gentle soul that tread the ‘scape
His persona formed a drape
Wherever he would spread his way
The Mighty Ted brought into play
A calm, good-natured, placid self
He stilled the forest and all who dwelt
He was a giant amongst the giants
Yet never did he act defiant
He took life pretty much in stride
Always chose the stressless side
As if it always, always should
His placid spirit still walks the woods.

     Big Ted was quite the character in the Alaskan Brown Bear menage that populates Katmai National Park, Alaska. His passing, due to a disease that ran amuck within that bear population a number of years ago, was a sad story. Ted, and his gentle persona, are not forgotten, but deeply missed.

~ Poem, anecdote and Alaskan Brown Bear capture, Ted © Jerry L. Ferrara