Bald Eagle – The Composition

The Composition

The light and juxtapositions
Became quite the composition
Each simply arrived as a maverick
But soon was wove part of the fabric
Waxing the glorious pleasure
For eye to covet and treasure
To gather in gold leaves of Fall
And wait for the message to call
To join and ply in the meal
That staves off Winter’s ordeal

     This image was made many years ago on film when there used to be a notable Fall Bald Eagle migration to Glacier National Park. When the salmon spawns stopped, the eagles found other places to gather their winter stores. For this image I stood on the bridge over McDonald Creek shooting upstream toward a spot the predators were gathering before launching toward their prey. The view started out with just two birds in the field. One at a time, the composition of the scene grew.

~ Poem, anecdote and Bald Eagle capture, The Composition © Jerry L. Ferrara