Bengal Tiger – A Multi-intended Communiqué

A Multi-intended Communiqué

    It was oppressively hot but the great cat still had much ground to cover.  Along its route there would be opportunities to rest and recuperate.  These interludes would be brief, though, for the Bengal Tiger had a missive to deliver.  The information would be distributed via the marking of its territory.  Spraying messages on trees was the feline’s preferred method of delivery.  What did the message say?

     For sure it was a bold proclamation of area claimed.  Perhaps, too, it indicated the author’s gender, physical condition and possibly reproductive readiness.  The pheromone-filled elixir was more than likely a multi-intended communiqué.

~ Anecdote and Bengal Tiger capture, A Multi-intended Communiqué © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India.