Bengal Tiger – On A Dusty Kanha Road

On A Dusty Kanha Road

     I’ve never seen Vicki move so quickly as she slid all the way to the right. She was in the middle seat of our open cargo Gypsy 4x, directly behind the guide. I sat behind her in the vehicle’s third row at the far back with camera gear.

     As we approached a blind curve in the road, a monstrous Bengal Tiger unexpectedly materialized. When the cat passed the vehicle within hair-raising closeness, I felt an enormous rush. The unnerving sensation quickly abated. What has not departed my memory, however, were those fiery, glowering, predatory eyes, the rhythmic chuffing of its labored, exhaled breath and the seriously solid slapping sound of those ponderous paws on a dusty Kanha road.

~ Anecdote and Bengal Tiger capture, On A Dusty Kanha Road © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India