Bengal Tiger/Spotted Deer – The Ambush Was Set

The Ambush Was Set

Beware of where you are, you may not always see
For danger from afar, may lurk behind that tree
Choose you to disregard, when peril waits so near
You just will find it hard, when claw and fang strike fear

     The female Bengal Tiger dropped her underside to the forest floor and froze in a spring-loaded crouch.  She was intently focused on the Spotted Deer before her.  The tigress had three hungry mouths to feed.

     When the deer turned its head away and continued to graze, the tiger quickly and silently advanced toward her prey.  In the process she nestled into a low spot behind a boulder.  One more quick dash brought the fierce feline to the base of a tree, ever so close … and then she waited.  The ambush was set.

     Suddenly the Spotted Deer looked up with its ears stiffly erect and in a blink of the eye it vaporized into thin air.  The tiger moved on and the deer lived another day.

~ Anecdote, poem and Bengal Tiger/Spotted Deer capture, The Ambush Was Set © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India