Black-tailed Jackrabbit – Strange But Effective Radiators

Strange But Effective Radiators

     Sitting stone-still in the shade of a desert shrub, this Black-tailed Jackrabbit is keeping its cool while the sun’s heat sears the desert floor.  Staying inactive in the shade, though, is not the only strategy employed by the jackrabbit to maintain its internal body temperature.  The hare also reduces its core temperature by dissipating heat away from its body through its large-surfaced ears.  The Black-tailed Jackrabbit’s prodigious pinnae are densely packed with blood vessels which help transport the creature’s internal body temperature away … strange but effective radiators.

~ Anecdote and Black-tailed Jackrabbit image, Strange But Effective Radiators © Jerry L. Ferrara.  Capture made in California’s Anza Borrego Desert State Park.