Burchell’s Zebra – They Plunge Into The Water

     Life ebbs.  Life Flows.  Nothing on the planet demonstrates this more profoundly than great migrations.  During migrations in east Africa, as thousands of Burchell’s Zebra come to the margin of the Mara River, the hoofed beasts hesitate until an intrepid trio of the striped creatures initiate the first plunge.

They Plunge Into The Water

Some step toward the water, but only if they dare
Why do they so hesitate, because they know what’s there?
Thousands come to brink’s edge, there to stand and wait
Until a few brave hardy souls think not to hesitate
They plunge into the water, the rest do follow cue
Most will get across the swirl, death comes to a few
To and fro they ford the flow to feast savanna plains
And then one day they will take leave, back from whence they came

~ Poem and Burchell’s Zebra capture, They Plunge Into The Water © Jerry L. Ferrara. Kenya, Africa