Burrowing Owl – Here’s Looking at You

Here’s Looking At You

     I borrowed a phrase, in part, from the famous Bogey/Bergman film, Casablanca, which struck me as the perfect title for this burrowing owl family portrait … so Here’s Looking At You.   It was recorded in the early 1980’s at the Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.   Burrowing Owls, Athene cunicularia, are extremely interesting creatures.   They are basically a diurnal [daytime] owl species that take over and renovate the subterranean dens of rodents like ground squirrels … hence the spunky bird’s name.   Here we are looking at a family group of six young to the right and one very sleepy adult on the left.   Wonder what they were looking for? 

~ Anecdote and Burrowing Owl capture, Here’s Looking At You © Jerry L. Ferrara