Burrowing Owls – My Eye’s On Hoo? On Individualism

One by one, five young Burrowing Owls emerge from their subterranean den and inquisitively welcome the early morning sunny surroundings.  While four of the fixated feathered urchins anxiously anticipate an approaching parent bearing a “breakfast cricket,” the owlet at center of the ménage strikes a different posture than its siblings.  Is someone marching to a different beat?  The image I have given title My Eye’s On Hoo? always conjures thoughts within me of the unorthodox, nonconformist and free-thinking individual.  The little owl in the middle is symbolic of just that … its persona is independent. And so the metaphor inspires the verse On Individualism.

On Individualism

Sunder from the witless crowd or forever be absorbed.
There may be strength in numbers, but Freedom is ignored.
Peer pressure from collective minds dictate every day.
And so the individual must go a separate way.

~ Burrowing Owls capture My Eye’s On Hoo? and verse On Individualism © Jerry L. Ferrara