Chinstrap Penguin – Tobogganing


Watching Chinstrap Penguins toddle to and from their nesting colony and the shore was extremely amusing, to say the least. Their clearly awkward ambulations spoke boldly of an unsophisticated design for a terrestrial gait. But the Chinstraps [like many penguins] had another technique for land-based locomotion. As soon as there was a clear spot in their path and a slight downward slope, the spunky scamps dropped to their bellies in the snow and used their wings and feet to propel themselves forward. Tobogganing seemed a much more efficient means of progress than walking.

Trudge and scramble, a penguin’s amble
Coast and slide, make turns not wide
Toboggan when the moment’s right
Just a way to conserve their might

~ Anecdote, poem and Chinstrap Penguin image, Tobogganing © Jerry L. Ferrara. Hydrurga Rocks, Antarctica.