Coastal Brown Bear – Tranquility


     I walked from my tent and out from behind the electric fence.  The early morning fall light was subdued, but I could see where the bears had dug in an attempt to crawl under and violate the barrier’s safety.  Proceeding toward the lake’s lip that was licking the shifting shore, I noticed the engine in the sky had not yet taken ownership of the horizon, but the shrouds of coagulated clouds promised a titillating exposition once lit.  As I reached the waterside, a quick glance in both directions revealed a dark, hulking mass moving slowly toward my position from the right.  Without hurry I retreated from the strand’s ephemeral fluid fringe and sat down in the grass.  There I awaited my quarry and the sweep overhead turned glorious.  Within minutes the soft padding of bruin footsteps, mixed occasionally with the slosh of water, drifted across the crisply chilled air.  As the beast came vaguely into view through the grass, I commenced clicking off frames just to let it know of my presence.  Hearing the shutter open and close caused the bruin to momentarily pause.  I continued to sporadically make noise with the shutter.  Then the bear resumed its leftward course.  I caught it mid-stride in the notch of the distant mountains.  At the crowning point of the capture, the bear was less than twenty feet from the front of the lens.  The setting was breathtaking.  The sky was rapturous.  The moment was a reflection of tranquility … and then the instance passed.

~ Anecdote and Coastal Brown Bear capture, Tranquility © Jerry L. Ferrara