Crab-eating Fox – What’s in a Name?

The Crab-eating Fox is a South American species.  I’ve always thought its name a bit strange, especially when considering crabs are not the only things the canids eat.  But what’s in a name? … sometimes not everything.

What’s in a Name?

It’s said I relish eating crabs.
Those in the know have not kept tabs.
My dining choice reveals much more.
I truly am an omnivore.
Crustacea’s not the only thing
this wily forest fox does deem
to be worthy of a bite,
all that is edible just might.
While my name’s a bit misleading,
I’ll just smile while I keep feeding.

The Crab-eating Fox also goes by various other monikers: Forest Fox, Wood Fox and Savanna Fox.

~ Words, poem and Crab-eating Fox capture, What’s in a Name? © Jerry L. Ferrara