Dodder, Love Vine – All Bound Up in Love

All Bound Up In Love

     This buckwheat plant [underneath the mass of tangled orange] has found itself in a “situation” and seems to be all bound up in love … or is it?  In this case the love is really not so lovely for the buckwheat as the relationship is basically one-sided.  In fact, it is actually infected with a parasitic plant commonly referred to as Dodder and sometimes colloquially coined the love vine.  Most dodders lack chlorophyll and as a result are incapable of producing their own food, so their evolutionary strategy has been to infect photosynthesizers and steal the green plants’ “captured sun”.  Dodder is a taker … a filcher … a purveyor of purloin.  It accomplishes this marriage by attaching, winding, and binding its vine-like tendrils to and around its victim and at special points of physical contact, extracts nutrients from its host often weakening the provider.  Enveloped in the tentacled grip of the love vine the target has no choice.  The relationship is anything but bound by love.

~ Anecdote and Dodder, Love Vine capture, All Bound Up In Love © Jerry L. Ferrara