Eurasian Otter – A Mischievous Mustelid

A Mischievous Mustelid

     Our recent journey to Scotland was based on the desire to see and photograph the Eurasian Otter [Lutra lutra], a member of the weasel family [Mustelidae] and considered a “near-threatened species” within much of its wide, global range spanning parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa.

     As with many wild subjects, there were no guarantees that we would observe this elusive creature, but my research indicated that the Inner Hebrides would give us a good chance at opportunity.  Out of ten field days, we made five sightings.  I call these sightings and not encounters because I worked at a distance from the subjects with long lenses to reduce my impact in the situations.  Here, a mischievous mustelid pauses briefly while cleaning its coat.

~ Anecdote and Eurasian Otter capture, A Mischievous Mustelid © Jerry L. Ferrara