European Starling – Cleaning Out The Paper Wasps

Cleaning Out The Paper Wasps

     As I sit here looking out my studio window at the iced-over driveway and the glaciated landscape, I realize I shouldn’t be complaining, for the winter has been pretty mild so far with the exception of the last few nights’ chilly temps.  Still my thoughts turn to spring.  I’m even amenable to seeing this character, the European Starling, especially as they go about cleaning out the paper wasps. 

     The European Starling is a non-native avian species that found its way to North America in the late 1800’s via human assistance.  They were released in New York City and rapidly spread across the continent.  The species is generally considered a pest for it actively competes [very successfully] with native hole nesters, the likes of blue birds and woodpeckers.

~ Anecdote and European Starling capture, Cleaning Out The Paper Wasps © Jerry L. Ferrara