Gray Catbird – The Cat’s Meow

The Cat’s Meow

     Sitting in the catbird seat is a phrase referring to being on top of a situation or in control.  For the Gray Catbird that is more than likely the case as it steals through the underbrush often making it frustratingly difficult to observe.

     But that’s not what this surreptitious feathered spirit is most noted for.  The Gray Catbird is an outstanding mimic.  It comes by its name honestly, too, for part of its vocal repertoire is a stunning rendition of a cat meowing.

     Albeit archaic, the phrase “the cat’s meow” references something that stands out, is excellent or first rate.  Seems the Gray Catbird not only sits in the catbird seat, but when it comes to its voice it truly is “the cat’s meow”.

~ Anecdote and Gray Catbird capture, The Cat’s Meow © Jerry L. Ferrara.