Great Gray Owl – Great Cinereous

Great Cinereous

The Great Gray Owl [Strix nebulosa] is the largest owl on the North American continent.  Famed wildlife artist, John James Audubon, referred to the Great Gray Owl as the Great Cinereous because of the creatures’ ashen coat of feathers.  To encounter one of these beautiful owls in the wild is an unbelievably fantastic experience.

From dark woods the shadows speak
Ghosts and goblins there do keep
The tenor of their voice chills skin
And brings great fright from deep within
Peer at eyes of baleful stare
By design they’ll surely scare
Although they seem the spirit kind
They be of substance all will find
And if you be of rodent class
Don’t hesitate nor let time pass
For if you do while on the prowl
You’ll likely meet the Great Gray Owl
The one who glares from shadows thus
Who goes by Great Cinereous

~ Poem and Great Gray Owl capture, Great Cinereous © Jerry L. Ferrara