Herring Gull – Diligence In Observing

Diligence In Observing

     I was once asked a question following a photo presentation that I had given:  “What do you do when nothing’s going on … read a book or something?”

     I was so taken aback by the query I wasn’t sure how to respond.  It is true that, when working a subject, there are often prolonged moments of inactivity.  Those are not the times to ease up or relinquish concentration.  Other interesting things may occur.  For instance, the other day while spending six hours photographing eagles, there were long lapses when the birds were idle.  But then I caught this moment of a Herring Gull landing on the water.  Here, diligence in observing paid off and I’m glad I wasn’t reading a book!

~ Anecdote and Herring Gull capture, Diligence In Observing © Jerry L. Ferrara