Moose – A Moose on the Loose

I photographed this chary moose during a local rain storm. Look closely and you will see a multitude of rain droplets showering the creature. Moose are the largest of our deer. They are beautiful and noble beasts. As with all wildlife, they should be deeply respected. A moose on the loose demands to be observed with safety in mind…for both the observer and the moose.

A Moose on the Loose

A Moose on the loose
is still no excuse
to try to deduce
as why it is loose.

But a fool on a mission
will place his position
with careless decision…
could lead to derision.

So if there’s assail
you may run like hell
but to no avail
not even pell-mell.

No way you’ll outrun
this son-of-a-gun
for sure you’ll be done
it won’t be much fun.

For a Moose on the loose
could cause some abuse
if your presence induce
while that Moose is footloose.

~ Anecdote, poem and Moose capture, A Moose on the Loose © Jerry L. Ferrara