Moose – Eye of Azure Sky

Eye of Azure Sky

     There are many moments in Nature that bring with them peace and serenity.  For the observer, it is all about recognizing that “inner place” from which we too often find ourselves detached.  Something as simple as quietly observing a Moose feed in a sylvan setting can bring great pleasure and tranquility to the spirit.

     Here a mighty Moose grabs a mouthful of cedar leaves while casting, outward, a calm cerulean glance.  Its sky-tinted eye reflects the wellspring of beauty and order in our universe.

Feast the beast, concerned not least.
Espy the eye of azure sky.
Behold how bold its glance takes hold.
Dare it stare without a care?
Console the soul, a well-planned role.

~ Essay, poem and Moose capture, Eye of Azure Sky © Jerry L. Ferrara