Mountain Chickadee – The Diminutive Beastie With A White Eyebrow

The Diminutive Beastie With A White Eyebrow

     I was going through my image bank at the home studio the other day in search of a new subject for the website’s SHOT FROM THE FILE feature when I happened on this photo of the captivating little feathered sprite, the Mountain Chickadee.  The Mountain Chickadee sports a most distinguishing characteristic that tells it apart from other Chickadee kinds.  It has a prominent white eyebrow stripe.

     The image was created on December 27, 2015, nearly three years ago at our backyard bird feeder.  This “feathered fury” was perched on a cherry tree branch over the top of the feeder [a strategic position to be in if you are inclined to mooch a meal] and was intently sizing up the peanuts and sunflower seeds in the tray below.  The total concentration, and the taut tension in the diminutive body pretty much defines the entire chickadee clan.  Getting a good photo copy of any of these “little devils” can be a challenge for they seem to epitomize the word “hyper”.

     I have not seen a Mountain Chickadee at our feeding station since that year but am keeping an ever watchful eye peeled for the diminutive beastie with a white eyebrow.

~ Anecdote and Mountain Chickadee capture, The Diminutive Beastie With A White Eyebrow © Jerry L. Ferrara