Northern Hawk Owl – Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise! Surprise!

     The Northern Hawk Owl is an uncommon visitor to the northern tier states primarily residing in Canada and Alaska.  The spunky species’ winter irruptive meanderings to our North Idaho region are unpredictable events…and often quite a surprise.

    A whirlwind of energy, the Northern Hawk Owl is a sixteen inch incarnation of terror to the rodent world as the puckish creature pursues its metier as a super-predator.  Many a vole, mouse and pocket gopher fall prey when the Northern Hawk Owl is near.

Surprise! Surprise! Look quick at those eyes.
Hunter intense, they fail to disguise
what transpires in a hawk owl’s mind:
the functions of a predator’s kind.

~ Essay, poem and Northern Hawk Owl capture, Surprise! Surprise! © Jerry L. Ferrara