Northern Pygmy Owl – A Liliputian’s Afternoon Ablution

A Lilliputian’s Afternoon Ablution

     Late in the day last Saturday I was downstairs building a fire in the wood furnace.  That was cut short by my wife’s excited announcement that a Northern Pygmy Owl was in the bird bath.  ?????  That I had to see as I rushed to the porch.  Along the way, I grabbed one of my cameras just in case there was a chance of capturing this behavior.

     Sure enough, there in the water sat the “diminutive dynamo” seeming to enjoy a Lilliputian’s afternoon ablution.  The Northern Pygmy Owl is the smallest owl occurring in Idaho, not much larger than many songbirds.  Finding this one in our bird bath reminded me of how important water sources are for all birds … and not just for drinking.  The act of bathing also aids in feather maintenance.  This pint-sized raptor was getting a thorough cleaning.

~ Anecdote and Northern Pygmy Owl capture, A Lilliputian’s Afternoon Ablution © Jerry L. Ferrara