Shades of Red

So many shades of red exist in Nature.  The palette can be fairly dazzling.  Pink, scarlet, rose, titian, ruby, reddish-yellow.  Sometimes it is the dominant color theme, sometimes merely an accent.  Shades of Red follows:

Black Oystercatcher.jpgBlack Skimmers.jpgBlack-bellied Whistling-Ducks.jpgCalifornia Condor.jpgCaspian Tern.jpgCoastal Brown Bear.jpgGreater Flamingo.jpgHouse Finch.jpgJapanese Macaque.jpgKokanee Salmon.jpgNorthern Cardinal.jpgNorthern Flicker.jpgPainted Turtle.jpgRed Fox.jpgRed-crowned Crane.jpgRed-necked Grebe.jpgRed-winged Blackbird.jpgRing-necked Pheasant.jpgRuby-crowned Kinglet.jpgScarlet Macaws.jpgSundown sky.jpgSunset sky2.jpgsunset sky3.jpgTitian Morn moose.jpgTurkey Vultures.jpgVaried Thrush.jpgWestern Grebe.jpgWhite Ibis.jpgWhite-tailed Deer.jpgWhooping and Sandhill Cranes.jpgWild Turkey.jpg

VISITING SANDPOINT, IDAHO?  Cedar Glen Gallery/Ferrara Wildlife Photography is a part of the community of Sandpoint, Idaho art galleries.  The enterprise is located at 300 North First Avenue in the heart of Sandpoint’s downtown business district.   Cedar Glen Gallery exclusively houses and offers the work of nature and wildlife photographer Jerry L. Ferrara for collection, home and business decor.   Please feel free to call us with questions or for an appointment at 208.304.5393.