Short-eared Owl – Feath’ry and Light

Feath’ry and Light

Feath’ry and light so goes its flight,
a Short-eared Owl wends its way.
Up in the sky, it does flutter and fly.
On the wind its wings do play.

     The Short-eared Owl is an occupant of open expanses such as prairies, grasslands and coastal marshes where it feeds heavily on various species of rodent and other small creatures. It is an excellent flyer and handily employs its low-wheeling aerial antics in its strategy to capture its prey. Its prowess in this regard is nothing less than spectacular.

     On the last, late afternoon of our departure day, I had a close encounter with three Short-eared Owls as they plied their craft in pursuit of a meal. It was a brief but magical moment. This is one of the final captures made before we departed for home. My subject was caught in the act of being feath’ry and light.

~ Poem, anecdote and Short-eared Owl capture, Feath’ry and Light © Jerry L. Ferrara