Steller’s Jay – The Jay and The Hawk

The Jay and The Hawk

     A Steller’s Jay deviously plotted to learn a Cooper’s Hawk’s vocalization techniques. The goal of the self-absorbed jay was to steal and mimic the hawk’s calls in order to scare smaller birds away from a nearby seed feeder. By doing so, the jay thought it would gain an advantage for itself by reducing competition at the backyard tray. The hawk, on the other hand, would lose because the small birds it hunted would scatter when hearing the jay’s ruse. “Wow!” said the disingenuous jay to the hawk one day. “You sure have a wonderful call. We need to get together and have you teach me how to sound so awesome.” “Sure,” replied the unsuspecting predator. And so the Cooper’s Hawk freely taught the jay its repertoire of sounds. Later, when the hawk visited the feeder expecting to make a kill, there were no small birds present, just the unprincipled Steller’s Jay … and so the raptor made a meal of the jay.

It doesn’t pay to use someone else for personal gain.

~ Fable and Steller’s Jay capture, The Jay and The Hawk © Jerry L. Ferrara