Steller’s Sea Eagle & Crow – When Goliath Met David

When Goliath Met David

     Last SHOT FROM THE FILE I recounted how a mighty Steller’s Sea Eagle came in for a landing while I was photographing Japanese Red-crowned Cranes.  Right after gaining purchase at the crown of a nearby tree, the brawny eagle was immediately harassed by a boisterous band of unruly crows.  Here a single member of the marauding ménage abruptly forced the eagle from its lofty perch.

     Mobbing behavior is a quite common theme in the bird world.  It strikes me as baffling, though, how a perfectly capable super-predator will almost always bow out to such torment.  Seems that case was made here, too, when Goliath met David.

~ Anecdote and Steller’s Sea Eagle & Crow capture, When Goliath Met David © Jerry L. Ferrara