Steller’s Sea Eagle – Full-Stall Mode

Full-Stall Mode

     Early one morning in a frigid Japanese setting while photographing stately Red-crowned Cranes, I became aware of a large, dark object approaching my position from the heavens.  As the creature loomed closer, I immediately recognized it as a Steller’s Sea Eagle and quickly turned my lens and camera in its direction firing off a salvo of frames at the approaching bird.

     If the mien of the Bald Eagle impresses [which, to me, it certainly does], the Steller’s Sea Eagle visually delivers the same in spadefuls.  The Sea Eagle’s massive body proportions and admiralty-like cloak are nothing short of stunning.  They are primarily a north Asian breed, though visitors sometimes make it to remote regions in Alaska.

     I caught this magnificent predator in full-stall mode while it was expertly executing a landing at the pinnacle of a conifer on the island of Hokkaido.

     Next time, for SHOT FROM THE FILE, I will show what happened right after the eagle landed.  It was surprising!

~ Anecdote and Steller’s Sea Eagle capture, Full-Stall Mode © Jerry L. Ferrara