Great Horned Owl – Just As The Light Passed Away

Just As The Light Passed Away

     It was deep into the terminus of a clement Texas day. The sun had retired from the hazy horizon, but its afterglow still dwelt in the landscape. As we moved without hurry through the refuge, our hope was for a glimpse of something in the crepuscular surroundings. That “something” almost always appeared just as aspirations waned. Perhaps this time it would be a saucy sow raccoon accompanied by her curious kits, or an industrious armadillo rooting around in the brush. Maybe, just maybe, we’d steal a brief glance at a bolting javelina as it torpedoed through the shadows by the side of the road.

     As the path wound this way and that, a stark visual unexpectedly loomed against the monochromatic twilight sky. A Great Horned Owl sat stoically in a tree, undoubtedly anticipating its next meal. To see a “predator in waiting” was both a thrill and a fortunate moment … just as the light passed away.

~ Anecdote and Great Horned Owl capture, Just As The Light Passed Away © Jerry L. Ferrara