Polar Bear – Power Play

Power Play

     Scientists have demonstrated the importance of play behavior in many species.  The power of play is especially helpful in honing motor skills and developing techniques that may be beneficial in life.  In a “rough and tumble” play fight session, a Polar Bear implements an impressive tactic with an opponent … a definite power play.

As two behemoths spar away across the Arctic sand,
their rough-and-tumble actions seem hard to understand.
Grapple, grab and wildly flail each other all around.
Is this a deadly battle, or a moment just to clown?
Suddenly one submits, it turns to run and flee.
Not a passive gesture, though, as first it seems to be.
Gaining edge above its foe not long the stance did stay,
a ploy to make its final move, a mighty power play.

~ Anecdote, poem and Polar Bear capture, Power Play © Jerry L. Ferrara