Ocelot – The Ocelot


The Ocelot The following narrative describes what occurred one emerging evening in the mysterious recesses of Brazil’s vast and uncanny Pantanal … behold the Ocelot! Night’s stygian pall covers the enigmatic jungleStrange forlorn voices murmur from inky recessesNetherworld conversationsThenSilencePortending silenceA vague shape precipitates in the underbrushAmorphously it clings to shadowsAfter an eternity, the specter takes formIt climbs a limbThen, melts into the ebon night ~ Anecdote, poem and Ocelot capture, The Ocelot © Jerry L. Ferrara

Giant River Otter – Onca d’agua

Giant River Otter

Onca d’agua The Giant River Otter [or Giant Otter], sometimes known colloquially as Onca d’agua [Portuguese for Jaguar of the water], is not really a Jaguar at all. In fact, the South American species is a member of the mustelid or weasel family, yet … a truly efficient predator, not unlike the Jaguar. ~ Anecdote and Giant River Otter capture, Onca d’agua © Jerry L. Ferrara. Pantanal, Brazil

Toco Toucan – A Radiator of Sorts

Toco Toucan

A Radiator of Sorts A Toco Toucan pauses briefly on a tree limb in Brazil’s Pantanal. While its bill is a prominent, “showy” item, research indicates the organ may also help regulate the bird’s body temperature acting as a radiator of sorts. ~ Toco Toucan capture, A Radiator of Sorts © Jerry L. Ferrara

Yacare Caiman – Look Close!

Look Close

Look Close! Look close! What do you see? A rough misshapen topography? What at first seems a landscape carved Is the face of a herp so deeply gnarled Look close! The caiman is a relative to alligators and crocodiles ~ Anecdote and Yacare Caiman capture, Look Close! © Jerry L. Ferrara, from the wilds of Brazil