Brown Bear – The Bear, The Light and The Drama

Brown Bear

The Bear, The Light and The Drama Every day for two weeks I walked past a finger of land that projected into a remote Alaskan lake. Sometimes a Brown Bear was on the spit, but the light was terrible for capturing a visually meaningful moment. On other occasions, the presentation painted across the sweep was stunningly gorgeous, but always a bruin was absent from the landscape. I had about given up capturing that point in time where. the bear and the light came together, at least how I envisioned it in my mind’s eye. On the morning before the day the float plane was to retrieve us, I trekked past the small peninsula thinking, most likely, for the final time. The sky was riotous in presentation … and the bear was in perfect position near the point. ~ Anecdote and Brown Bear capture, The Bear, The Light and The Drama © Jerry L. Ferrara

Alaskan Brown Bear – Like A Tsunami

Alaskan Brown Bear

Like A Tsunami The Alaskan Brown Bear seemed purposeful in its movement through the river. It sported an unwavering demeanor, zealously scanning as it wandered the watery way. Then the bruin sat back on its haunches in the shallows and stared intently at one single spot. Without forecast, the burly beast loomed up like a towering tsunami. With claws extended, it plunged toward the hapless fish. ~ Anecdote and Alaskan Brown Bear capture, Like A Tsunami © Jerry L. Ferrara