Northern Elephant Seals – Combat

Northern Elephant Seals

Combat Along the sandy California seashore a pair of bellicose bull Northern Elephant Seals face off in combat. ~ Anecdote and Northern Elephant Seals capture, Combat © Jerry L. Ferrara

Elephant Seal – Feliz Año Nuevo

Feliz Año Nuevo

Feliz Año Nuevo I meant to post this yesterday, but ran out of time. I recorded this bull Elephant Seal many years ago at Año Nuevo State Park. It was made on Kodachrome 64 film. The “big fella” had been trumpeting. He then raised up, gave one look and plopped back down into slumber. Feliz Año Nuevo. ~ Anecdote and Elephant Seal capture, Feliz Año Nuevo © Jerry L. Ferrara