Timber Wolf – Melancholy Song

Timber Wolf

Melancholy Song There were extended periods when the snowfall was so dense that vision beyond twenty yards was totally obscured. Yet, something existed in that mysterious icy melee … something wraith-like that moved eerily in the manner of a shapeless shadow progressing across an ill-lit window shade. When the cloaking curtain of the flurry lifted, the secret specter emerged in the embodiment of a magnificent Timber Wolf. It was then that the stunningly beautiful creature, with snow-clad coat, pointed its tapered muzzle skyward and gave voice to a deeply stirring melancholy song. As the mournful aria went on, the blinding tempest resumed and once again the blustery snow veiled the view. What lingered within the faceless leaden gloom was a soulful cry that slowly faded into oblivion. ~ Anecdote and Timber Wolf capture, Melancholy Song © Jerry L. Ferrara