Solar Eclipse – On the Limb

Solar Eclipse

On the Limb Here’s a black-and-white presentation of the total solar eclipse from 8-21-17. I made the recording near Mackay, Idaho. The capture depicts solar prominences emanating from the limb of the sun and extending into the star’s corona. On 4-8-24 another ‘apparent’ complete ‘covering’ of Old Sol will take place and might be viewed [depending on the weather] from specific earthbound locations in the Continental U.S.[Mexico and Canada, too]. Check out NASA’s website for the Great North American Eclipse and its path of totality. BE SURE to take proper SAFETY PRECAUTIONS if viewing/photographing. ~ Anecdote and solar eclipse capture, On the Limb © Jerry L. Ferrara

Cedar Waxwing – It Tossed Back Its Breakfast

Cedar Waxwint

It Tossed Back Its Breakfast They were hidden from view by the dense foliage, yet the flock of Cedar Waxwings’ high-trilling, soft murmurings came from seemingly everywhere in the fruit-laden chokecherry bushes. The gentle prattle amongst the birds were contact calls … the way members of a “bird herd” stay in touch with one another. Vocalizing was only temporarily interrupted for this Cedar Waxwing as it suddenly popped into view. Greedily it tossed back its breakfast. ~ Anecdote and Cedar Waxwing capture, It Tossed Back Its Breakfast © Jerry L. Ferrara

Northern Pygmy Owl – Mighty Sprite

Northern Pygmy Owl

Mighty Sprite The Northern Pygmy Owl is one of the smallest owl species on the North American continent being only about six inches in stature. In spite of its elfin size, it is capable of dispatching and carrying off prey that is much larger than itself. It is truly a mighty sprite of the woodlands. I may be small but don’t be fooled for in my tiny frame,  I pack a punch compared to some that puts them quite to shame. I roam the woods and forest breaks while constantly in search, and from atop the highest stands I wait upon my perch. So when the mousy beasties dash across the open tract, I rocket off my waiting post and there commit the act. It’s swift and sure and if my prey is larger than am I, I have no doubt that I will take it up when I do fly. ~ Anecdote, poem and Northern Pygmy Owl capture, Mighty Sprite © Jerry L. Ferrara. Selle Valley, Bonner County, Idaho