Puma, South American Gray Fox – Skinned

Puma, South American Gray Fox

Skinned A hapless South American Gray Fox is caught in the difficult circumstance of being skinned as a Puma preps to dine. The “zorro” didn’t stand a chance against the apex predator’s ambush skills. ~ Anecdote and Puma/South American Gray Fox capture, Skinned © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – The Stalk


The Stalk The cat had been sitting quietly for hours. Sometimes it closed its piercing yellow orbs and slept the sleep of felines … appearing to doze off but remaining perfectly conscious of its immediate surroundings. When the Guanaco herd unknowingly ambled up the hillside in front of the waiting Puma, the tawny creature came alive employing the deathly technique of the stalk. And so the ambush began. ~ Anecdote and Puma capture, The Stalk © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – Moved A Spirit Silent


Moved A Spirit Silent An iconic component of Chile’s Patagonian plateau, this male Puma apprehensively approached the remains of a fallen Guanaco. Just prior to his appearance, two female cats were on the carcass. As he neared, they magically dissolved into the landscape. Across a windswept austral plain moved a spirit silent And with it came a frightful bane to bring all near compliant ~ Anecdote, poem and Puma capture, Moved A Spirit Silent © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – Oscuro [Dark]


Oscuro [Dark] Secreted in the tenebrous shadow of a massive granitic boulder, the cat cautiously crouched. Its body posture spoke of uneasiness and apprehension. The Puma stared. Then, imperceptible to the eye, it mysteriously moved to a full-sitting posture. After a brief moment, it surreptitiously turned and parted from the inky shade. Like the “ghost-creature” it was, the dark and mystical feline form paused fleetingly before magically melting into the lofty expanse. He was Oscuro [Dark]. ~ Anecdote and Puma capture, Oscuro [Dark] © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – The Message Post


The Message Post The cat’s lithe form moved slowly, yet purposefully, over the sweeping steppe. At one point the Puma paused its progress. Gracefully the feline raised up and firmly grabbed with its massive paws the upper part of an ancient fence post. This was followed by leisurely rubbing its cheeks, chin and corners of its mouth on the wood. When finished the Cougar resumed its passage. It left its scent at the message post. ~ Anecdote and Puma capture, The Message Post © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – The Ghost Cat


The Ghost Cat What the Puma saw, was completely unaware Unwavering and focused, was that deadly feline stare How many of unknowing, have been subjects of that glare? The answer lies in mystery, was the ghost cat really there? ~ Poem and Puma capture, The Ghost Cat © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – The Watcher


The Watcher Prey beware: I walk on padded paws so hushed And wait in silence to ambush Concealed I stay so patiently Knowing they will come to me If they sense that I am here They would never dare come near Anticipate, and hold my breath For soon arrives the stench of Death ~ Poem and Puma capture, The Watcher © Jerry L. Ferrara

Hairy Armadillo – A Woolly Wonder

Hairy Armadillo

A Woolly Wonder Something dark blocked the burrow’s entrance. As the Hairy Armadillo slowly came into view, it paused briefly while showing off a raised, long-nailed fore-paw. The posture seemed an appropriate visual expression for this well-equipped fossorial mammal, while its hirsute garb bore witness to its name. It was a woolly wonder. ~ Anecdote and Hairy Armadillo capture, A Woolly Wonder © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – An Exceptionally Efficient Killing Machine


An Exceptionally Efficient Killing Machine The Puma is an exceptionally efficient killing machine. In this case, death came to the fox via strangulation and the cat was caught in the act of skinning its meal. It was deeply moving to witness this biological event. It was also a first documented predation by the local Puma population on the Patagonian Fox. ~ Anecdote and Puma capture, An Exceptionally Efficient Killing Machine © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – Patagón


Patagón What’s in a name? In the case of the South American region known as Patagonia, there seems to be quite a bit. The origin of the word Patagonia, though, is cloaked in controversy. One theory relates it was coined from “patagónes”, an appellation supposedly bestowed by European explorers on a mysterious race of indigenous giants. Further expansions of the legend purport the Patagónes had very large feet. Whether or not there’s validity to this narrative, it does make for interesting story-telling. Fast forward. Today’s image portrays a Puma cub lazily lolling on its back. This cub, if he reaches the age of one year, is destined to be name Patagón. Check out that front paw. Like all of its kind, the feet are impressively large and he’s bound to be a big cat, a giant. So Patagón just might be an appropriate moniker. It appears the enigmatic Patagónes may still roam the untamed Patagonian steppe, just in a different format … and that’s what’s in a name. ~ Anecdote and Puma capture, Patagón © Jerry L. Ferrara