Cooper’s Hawk – Raptor, O Raptor

Cooper's Hawk

The Cooper’s Hawk is a formidable and highly skilled hunter. A master of the ambush, this Cooper’s Hawk keenly surveys the scene. Raptor, O Raptor Raptor, O Raptor how quickly you move through the canopy so smooth. Your actions seem to be pell-mell steered precisely by long tail. Your short blunt wings add sure control as you maneuver on patrol. Raptor, O Raptor you do surprise your prey but rarely realize. Slip you through and around the brush a master you of the ambush. To see a Cooper’s Hawk quickly steal through and around the foliage in a tree while on the hunt is an amazing event to witness. ~ Poem, words and Cooper’s Hawk capture, Raptor, O Raptor © Jerry L. Ferrara