American Robin – American Robin

American Robin

American Robin The American Robins have returned and have been rummaging around the yard. No worms yet, though. This one suddenly appeared on the suet cake, took a bite and flew off. ~ Anecdote and American Robin capture, American Robin © Jerry L. Ferrara

American Kestrel – Waiting Patiently

American Kestrel

Waiting Patiently Our smallest falcon, this American Kestrel was caught waiting patiently for a mouse or grasshopper meal to arrive. ~ Anecdote and American Kestrel capture, Waiting Patiently © Jerry L. Ferrara

Pine Siskin – To The Rescue

Pine Siskin

To The Rescue The plum tree in our yard is heavily infested with plant lice this year. Look closely at the leaves. Yet, the Pine Siskins [members of the Finch family] and others are coming to the rescue. This one has a morsel it just gleaned at the tip of its beak. ~ Anecdote and Pine Siskin capture, To The Rescue © Jerry L. Ferrara