Tree Swallow – Feather Maintenance

Tree Swallow

Feather Maintenance Preening is an important aspect of feather maintenance. In the capture, a male Tree Swallow [one of our native bird species] runs a flight feather through its beak during the act of feather grooming. By doing so, the swallow is more than likely anointing the plume with oil from its uropygial gland [oil gland] or it may be simply re-conforming the feather’s structure … or both. ~ Anecdote and Tree Swallow capture, Feather Maintenance © Jerry L. Ferrara

Timber Wolf – The Chill of the Setting

Timber Wolf

The Chill of the Setting I was glad I had covered the equipment and myself with rain/snow gear before setting out that bleak morning. It wasn’t anywhere near ‘sunny f16’ conditions as the monochromatic snowstorm thickened, swirled and raked the rimy sweep and yet the Timber Wolf remained tightly curled up and resting. Nothing to do but wait. Without announcement or fanfare, the canine rose, stretched and hurled its voice into the thickened atmosphere. The long, haunting call reflected the chill of the setting. ~ Anecdote and Timber Wolf capture, The Chill of the Setting © Jerry L. Ferrara

Cedar Waxwing – Harvest

Cedar Waxwing

Harvest While photographing in North Idaho’s scenic Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, I encountered a flock of Cedar Waxwings along Myrtle Creek. Their distinctive trilling calls from the hedge rows were what first caught my attention and alerted me to their presence. Looking closer revealed they were harvesting the ripening choke cherries. In this capture, a waxwing had just gathered a fruit before gobbling it down.  ~ Anecdote and Cedar Waxwing capture, Harvest © Jerry L. Ferrara 

Burrowing Owl – My Eye’s On Hoo? On Individualism

Burrowing Owl

My Eye’s On Hoo? On Individualism The Burrowing Owlet at center of the ménage strikes a different posture than its siblings. Is someone marching to a different beat? The image I have given title My Eye’s On Hoo? always conjures thoughts within me of the unorthodox, nonconformist and free-thinking individual. The little owl in the middle is symbolic of just that … its persona is independent. And so the metaphor inspires the verse On Individualism. On Individualism Sunder from the witless crowd or forever be absorbed. There may be strength in numbers, but Freedom is ignored. Peer pressure from collective minds dictate every day. And so the individual must go a separate way. ~ Burrowing Owl capture, My Eye’s On Hoo?, and verse, On Individualism, © Jerry L. Ferrara

Ural Owl – The Sleepy Owl

Ural Owl

The Sleepy Owl In the silent forest deep a Ural Owl does gently sleep. And just before the waking dawn, the sleepy owl does give a yawn. Wake up! Wake up! O sleepy bird, you’re missing what the others heard. For a raven’s voice does speak of furry creatures by the creek. So if you’re quick to take the chance and let your feathers dance the dance toward the high-pitched squeaks and squeals, there may be a mousy meal. Wait too long and you will see the rodent kind will quickly flee. Perhaps this fact you do but know, so back to sleep you quickly go. ~ Ural Owl, from a remote location in a deciduous forest on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. Poem and Ural Owl capture, The Sleepy Owl © Jerry L. Ferrara 

Sandhill Cranes – A Company of Cranes

Sandhill Cranes

A Company of Cranes I had arrived early in the chilly pre-dawn morning to try to capture Sandhill Cranes blasting off from one of their evening roost sites on the Platte River. No such luck was afforded, for the stately birds flew out before sunlight supported my goal. Standing in the dim light I just watched in awe as the beauty of this ancient process played out … deeply appreciative to be able to witness such a stunning behavior. Suddenly I realized a company of cranes were on a flight pattern nearing an almost full moon.   ~ Anecdote and Sandhill Cranes capture, A Company of Cranes © Jerry L. Ferrara

Elephant Seal – Feliz Año Nuevo

Feliz Año Nuevo

Feliz Año Nuevo I meant to post this yesterday, but ran out of time. I recorded this bull Elephant Seal many years ago at Año Nuevo State Park. It was made on Kodachrome 64 film. The “big fella” had been trumpeting. He then raised up, gave one look and plopped back down into slumber. Feliz Año Nuevo. ~ Anecdote and Elephant Seal capture, Feliz Año Nuevo © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagle – Take-out

Bald Eagle

Take-out Much of the time the Bald Eagle carries its prey by its talons, but in this case it chose an alternate method and its “take-out” was conveyed by mouth. ~ Anecdote and Bald Eagle capture, Take-out © Jerry L. Ferrara