Wild North Idaho Photos and Reflections

Wild North Idaho Volume One Photos and Reflections in books

  • Sandpoint Idaho’s Cedar Glen Gallery and Ferrara Wildlife Photography, owned and operated by proprietors Jerry and Vicki Ferrara, have something further to offer their customers in addition to outstanding high quality fine art wildlife and nature prints:  a new book by Jerry titled Wild North Idaho Volume One:  Photos and Reflections.  The 6” x 9”, 152-page, full color, soft bound publication contains 75 of the photographer’s images with anecdotes and poems also written by the artist.  “Many of the photographs were recorded locally,” says Jerry.  “The book is a tribute to the creatures and natural history of our area.  It is an intimate look at some of the beauty we are blessed to experience here in North Idaho.  We think it makes a wonderful gift for self, family and/or friends whether you be a local or a visitor.  All captures in the book are available, too, as fine art prints either through the gallery or our website.”  The purchase price is $20 plus shipping/handling and Idaho state sales tax if applicable.  If interested in placing an order or if you have a question contact Jerry by using the Contact tab here or in the menu bar above.  The book is likewise available at Cedar Glen Gallery, 300 N. First Avenue, Suite 1, Sandpoint, Idaho.
  • WHO SHOULD BUY THIS BOOK?  Everyone who loves the Sandpoint area and North Idaho;  Everyone who loves watching and appreciates the abundance and rich variety of wildlife, nature and awe-inspiring landscapes we are blessed with here in the north part of the state;  Everyone who wants to take home a memory of North Idaho;  Everyone who simply appreciates the beauty of Nature.