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Timber Wolf – A Scapegoat

A Scapegoat

A Scapegoat

Oh hear the little girl in red
It’s all about the things she’s said

How wicked and how you are bad
So really, really, really sad

Those awful, spiteful, hateful lies
Have twisted fact, yet truth belies

Yes, you are a killer supreme
So what does that point really mean?

Your actions balance and bring wealth
To Nature’s web it means great health

You keep the herds and prey in check
Why does that make you circumspect?

Could it be mankind’s deep need
To find a scapegoat for “his” deeds?

~ Poem and Timber Wolf capture, A Scapegoat © Jerry L. Ferrara

Coyote – When the Shadows Move Stealthily

When the Shadows Move Stealthily

When the shadows move stealthily

When the shadows move stealthily,
the woods do watch expectantly.
When the shadows move stealthily,
a devil’s loose and on a spree.

When the shadows move stealthily,
the beasties under cover stay.
When the shadows move stealthily,
death may be but a step away.

This rascal is quite greatly feared.
Its furtive movements not endeared…
when the shadows move stealthily.

~ Poem and Coyote capture, When the Shadows Move Stealthily © Jerry L. Ferrara

Great Gray Owl – The Sentinel

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

     Here’s the story of how I caught this Great Gray Owl I call The Sentinel on film.  Yellowstone National Park.  Early morning. I was driving out to start the day.  On the seat next to me sat my Nikon F2AS camera loaded with Kodachrome 64 film and a Nikkor 105mm lens.  Why only a 105mm?  I can’t say, but it turned out to be perfect for the composition when I spied this Great Gray Owl sitting in a stand of trees by the roadside.

     The light level was so low I didn’t expect much.  Shooting wide open, I took a chance and holding as steady as possible, gently squeezed off two shots at 1/30s.

     Then the magnificent creature took wing.  Its gossamer existence melted into the forest.  What remained in the camera had worked and weeks later, after receiving the film back from the processor, the owl was reborn as The Sentinel.

~ Anecdote and Great Gray Owl capture, The Sentinel © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagle – Fly-By Flight

Fly-By Flight

Fly-By Flight

     With a purposeful posture that silently spoke of an impassioned intent, the airborne Bald Eagle set its course directly toward the occupant resting at the apex of the snag.  But possession was nine-tenths of the law in this case for the “perch owner” stood its ground and refused to budge.  With the gap of space closing between the two at warp speed, it seemed a collision was not only probable but surely inevitable.

     Then at the last possible instant, the assault was assuaged and the aggressor pulled a “fly-by flight” move breezing past its intended objective.

     Perch displacement is but one of many intraspecific behaviors that Bald Eagles exercise toward one another … sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

~ Anecdote and Bald Eagle capture, Fly-By Flight © Jerry L. Ferrara

Timber Wolf – The Wail

The Wail

The Wail

     The snow blew in abusively-blustery, powerfully-buffeting waves.  At times, visibility was reduced to mere feet ahead and the melancholy moan of the wind set a terrifying tenor that chilled to the core of the soul.  Or was the wail the wind?  Perhaps not.

     As the heavy precipitation thinned, the true author of the lonely lament was gradually revealed.  A Timber Wolf idly stood in the ice-crystalled landscape and gave sonorous serenade to the open expanse … its voice the definitive signature of wilderness.

~ Anecdote and Timber Wolf capture, The Wail © Jerry L. Ferrara

Gerenuk – Wonder What Lamarck Would Say?

Wonder What Lamarck Would Say?

Wonder What Lamarck Would Say?

     Here is a member of the antelope tribe.  It has an unusually extended neck, hence they are called Gerenuk [Giraffe-neck].  I wonder what Lamarck would say about that?

~ Anecdote and Gerenuk capture, Wonder What Lamarck Would Say? © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagle – Sweep The Boreal Aurora Sky

Sweep The Boreal Aurora Sky

Sweep The Boreal Aurora Sky

     My initial impression, while viewing this Bald Eagle capture on my camera’s monitor, was that this stunningly striking bird of prey seemed on a flight path through an aurora and its powerful profile led me to the title Sweep the Boreal Aurora Sky … but the title deceives.  While the background for this shot may be reminiscent of those eerie, shadowy curtains of charged particles from the sun we in our hemisphere refer to as the aurora borealis, it is in reality not the dramatic light show at all.  What follows is the truth and the story behind the making of the image:
     Across the wide and watery chasm of the expansive bay, white-headed entities idled tree-bound in the deafening, hushed stillness while greeting the somber light of dawn.  That same light, cast from the forest and smeared subtly onto the liquid surface, created ephemeral impressions, mirrored reflections, and muted hues … Nature the artist, the lake its immense canvas.  In time, a solitary Bald Eagle launched from its lofty lookout.  Over the pigmented fluid it glided low, the backdrop redolent of a Northern Lights array.  Suddenly the eagle performed an astounding aerial maneuver … and Sweep the Boreal Aurora Sky came into existence.

~ Anecdote and Bald Eagle capture, Sweep The Boreal Aurora Sky © Jerry L. Ferrara, from the book, Wild North Idaho:  Photos and Reflections

Cherry Leaves – Cast Sure To The Ground

Cast Sure To The Ground

 Cast Sure To The Ground

 When the tree’s golden crown
Is cast sure to the ground

And life seems in decline
Though deception’s divine

What appears to be Death
Only takes but one’s breath

And bedazzles the eye
With an elegant high

While the colors contrive
It’s a way to survive

“Old Man’s” rage will torment
As life enters dormant

Be assured in the Spring
Resurrection will bring

A return to the life
That survived Winter’s strife

~ Poem and Cherry leaves image, Cast Sure To The Ground © Jerry L. Ferrara

Sandhill Cranes – Staging In The Marshland

Staging In The Marshland

Staging In The Marshland

     A trio of Sandhill Cranes point and stoop forward.  The behavior is known as staging and is performed just before the magnificent birds burst into a gait and then take flight.

Staging in the marshland, at the birth of dawn
An orchestrated effort, performed as if they’re one
Soon they will be airborne, coursing azure skies
But a moment’s pause is due, hitherto they fly
Staging in the marshland, at the birth of dawn

~ Poem and Sandhill Cranes capture, Staging In The Marshland © Jerry L. Ferrara

Woodland Caribou – The Beast of Fall

The Beast of Fall

The Beast of Fall

In the woodlands of the North
The Fall does cast a spell
For all the souls that go forth
A legend comes to tell
Dark shadows move within the brush
Spatulate antlers gleam
The Beast of Fall quick comes with rush
It seems as if a dream

~ Poem and Woodland Caribou image, The Beast of Fall © Jerry L. Ferrara