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2017 Total Solar Eclipse – The Diamond Ring

The Diamond Ring

The Diamond Ring

Through the valleys, between the peaks
a solar glow attempts to seek
a passage through the mass in fore
along Moon’s limb it finds a door.

When it does, a flood of light
bursts forth in grandeur, full of might.
It’s then the diamond ring does glow.
Magnificent so is the show.

~ Poem and 2017 U.S. Total Solar Eclipse capture recorded from 44.14N, -113.9W, The Diamond Ring © Jerry L. Ferrara

Total Solar Eclipse – Oh Dark Star!

Oh Dark Star!

Oh Dark Star!

Oh Dark Star, have you come far
to show your sable face?

Or do you feign, without distain
your guise is but misplaced.

Come you near, there is much fear
for light does disappear.

And all the Earth’s, engulfed in dearth
dark reigns celestial sphere.

From beasts and birds, night voices heard
tricked they are to bed.

A fiery glow, does come to show
about your darkling head.

But lo behold, your ruse does fold
a charlatan you are.

For when unmasked, the truth is cast
you are but Mother Star.

~ Poem and Total Solar Eclipse capture, Oh Dark Star! © Jerry L. Ferrara

Sun – A Solar View

A Solar View

A Solar View

A solar view recorded on Friday, 8-18-17.  The dark structures on the sun’s face are sunspots.  Our Mother Star is one fascinating celestial object.

~ Anecdote and Sun capture, A Solar View © Jerry L. Ferrara

Solar Eclipse – It Was All in the Math

It Was All in the Math

It Was All in the Math

A solar eclipse was coming and I knew an event like this would be something not only special to observe, but likewise to capture.  This one, though, was to be extra special and unusual… an annular solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse takes into play the geometry of the moon passing between Earth and sun relative to the viewer’s position on planet Earth.  It also involves the distance of the moon from the earth.  This latter aspect is critical for what the viewer will observe.   You see, the moon’s distance from the earth varies as the two spheres gravitationally dance with each other.  The moon’s path is not a perfect circle, but rather takes an elliptical trajectory.  Hence, there are times the moon is closer to the earth while at other times that gap widens and this affects what we see as the moon’s apparent size.  In this case the moon was destined to be farther away from the earth during its march across the sun and by so doing it would not appear to completely cover the star.  Instead our sister satellite would look smaller and leave a bright ring of the sun’s outer limb exposed.  Therefore its name – an annular solar eclipse.

Leaving my home on Palomar Mountain, California, in late afternoon, I’d considered my best spot for witnessing the eclipse would be the west-facing slope of the mountains with a clear shot toward the Pacific Ocean.   The event was to happen just before sunset and then the fiery orb would sink suddenly into the ocean’s depths.  As I approached the site of observation, a decent number of people had gathered with cameras and telescopes in anticipation of the show.  Setting up, I too waited.  And then the unforgivable happened.  Clouds.  They blocked the view of the sun as the eclipse began.  Time went by.  The sky darkened as the moon and clouds covered Sol.  Anticipation was in the air.  A dull murmur cut the silence with a tenor of disappointment.  Would we be skunked?  Would unanticipated factors of weather and chance be the spoilers?  Suddenly the odds swung in a different direction. The clouds parted and the story that was hidden beneath unfolded.  A glorious display peeked through revealing how the geometric juxtaposition of three objects in space can give rise to an annular solar eclipse!  And because it was all in the math (geometry as well as chance), I was able to capture this shot.

~ Anecdote and Annular Eclipse capture, It Was All in the Math © Jerry L. Ferrara

Brown Bear – Life’s Ledger

Life's Ledger

We may only posit as to why wild creatures sometimes behave the way they do.

Life’s Ledger

As the salmon spawning season wound down, the sow Brown Bear stepped up her efforts to gain weight before deep sleep made its claim.  The bruin seemed obsessed in the feeding endeavor, even to the exclusion of her cub’s persistent requests to share in a meal.

Time hurtled toward the winter and life’s ledger was recorded.

~ Anecdote and Brown Bear capture, Life’s Ledger © Jerry L. Ferrara

Great Blue Heron – In the Glow

In the Glow

In the Glow

Waltzing elegantly airborne over the lake, the Great Blue Heron dreamily drifted in the golden glow of the early morning sun’s searing electromagnetic energy.  Stately in form and graceful in flight, herons are a visual inspiration.  While waiting for something to happen this particular daybreak, the heron arrived and painted a perfect path through the scape in front of my lens.

~ Anecdote and Great Blue Heron capture, In the Glow © Jerry L. Ferrara

White-tailed Deer – Crossing the River of Fire

Crossing the River of Fire

Crossing the River of Fire

Fall was in a full and glorious explosion of color.  I thought how this one section of the creek was so stunningly beautiful and appeared on fire as it reflected the surrounding vegetation’s vibrant hues of red and gold.  It was a veritable palette on the water’s surface.  Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, this small doe herd materialized in the landscape and started to cross the creek.  Fumbling with my camera and lens, I managed to get only one shot off before the deer completed their watery trek.  I am constantly amazed how ephemeral existence is … how quickly a scene will evolve, and just as quickly melt away.

~ Anecdote and White-tailed Deer capture, Crossing the River of Fire, is a selection from the book, Wild North Idaho:  Photos and Reflections © Jerry L. Ferrara

Utah Prairie Dogs – You’ve Gotta Be Pullin’ My Leg

You've Gotta Be Pullin' My Leg

You’ve Gotta Be Pullin’ My Leg

Wrestling, grappling and committing general mayhem, a pair of immature and rambunctious Utah Prairie Dogs were caught in the act of playing “rough house” when one pup grabbed the foot of its rival at the same moment the camera shutter captured their awareness of being noticed.  Attention span was hugely succinct, though, as the adolescent duo resumed their spirited horseplay … wrestling, grappling and committing general mayhem.

~ Anecdote and Utah Prairie Dogs capture, You’ve Gotta Be Pullin’ My Leg © Jerry L. Ferrara

Osprey – While on Wing

While on Wing

While on Wing

While on wing
my feathers sing,
as I traipse the sky.

With each stroke
I go for broke,
pure joy is when I fly.

Now long ago
my genome shows,
a reptile past have I.

Seems from the skin
of ancient kin,
the air today I fly.

~ Poem and Osprey capture, While on Wing © Jerry L. Ferrara

Black Bear – Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Impishness may take many forms.  A point in case is this mischievous-looking pair of Black Bear cubs.  The rascally duo were a perfect example of “double trouble”.  Out to be big, brave explorers, the two youngsters broke away from their mother’s immediate supervision … though, not too far off from her watchful eyes.  As the playful cubs nosed and poked around exploring their surroundings, my camera’s shutter went CLICK!  The second shot froze them in a pose of looking like they were caught doing something they shouldn’t.  Immediately the big, brave twosome scampered back to the security of momma bear.

~ Anecdote and Black Bear capture, Double Trouble © Jerry L. Ferrara