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Long-billed Curlew – The Promise

The Promise

This Long-billed Curlew, the biggest of North America’s shorebirds, was caught early one Texas morning along with its doppelgänger.

The Promise

The morning was subdued and gentle.  It arrived without haste in increments that were imperceptible … until it was just there.  The wind was notably absent, so the air had no vitality and the placid backwater’s calm veneer boasted to the open sky of how it would grasp all that came near.  As the Long-billed Curlew rested on the rocky spit, its likeness was held captive and the promise was kept.

So the water told the sky
I will seize all who come nigh,
and their spirits I’ll hold tight
’til the darkness of the night.

~ Anecdote, poem and Long-billed Curlew capture, The Promise © Jerry L. Ferrara

Brazilian Scenic – Rise The Sun

Rise The Sun

Rise The Sun

Rise the sun.
Day’s begun.
This marks an end
as darkness wends,
and brings the light
that quells the night.
A brightened drape
does shape the scape.

~ Poem and Brazilian scenic daybreak capture, Rise The Sun © Jerry L. Ferrara

Black Bear – Bewildered



Don’t worry.  This little guy was not stuck.  It was there on its own volition.  It was harvest time and this very small Black Bear cub was voraciously eating fruit.  Amused, I wasn’t sure it was aware how high it had climbed, but it must have sensed the limbs were bending under its weight.  At first it looked a bit bewildered, but easily turned and descended to a more-supportive, stable position.  By the way, it didn’t deter the youngster bear from continuing the feast.

~ Anecdote and Black Bear capture, Bewildered © Jerry L. Ferrara

Alaskan Brown Bear – A Ferocious Lunge

A Ferocious Lunge

A Ferocious Lunge

My subject, an Alaskan Brown Bear, was before me and the opportunity to create was fast developing.  There was a problem, though, and it squared directly with these old legs.  They were desperately struggling in a battle with the stream’s mighty current whose sole intent was to sweep everything in its path downstream.  I was determined not to succumb.

Reaching relief on a sandbar, I dropped to my knees from both exhaustion as well as to get low to the bear, still fishing in the raging river up ahead.  All I could think was, “How can that brute maintain itself so seemingly effortlessly in the treacherous current?”  Experiencing the river’s strength first-hand made me appreciate the creature’s innate strength.

Gaining a moment of respite, I assayed the situation for making a capture that would define an Alaskan Brown Bear.  The sun being on the opposite side of the creature seemed, at first, to present an issue.  Realizing how the circumstances might be used for backlighting, I made adjustments to the camera and waited … and then the bear executed a ferocious lunge toward its prey.  My camera caught the bruin’s silhouetted outline, along with the dramatic wave of water created at the bear’s fore as it launched toward its meal.  It is one of my favorite memories of the Alaskan Brown Bear.

~ Essay and Alaskan Brown Bear capture, A Ferocious Lunge © Jerry L. Ferrara

Crab-eating Fox – What’s in a Name?

What's in a Name?

The Crab-eating Fox is a South American species.  I’ve always thought its name a bit strange, especially when considering crabs are not the only things the canids eat.  But what’s in a name? … sometimes not everything.

What’s in a Name?

It’s said I relish eating crabs.
Those in the know have not kept tabs.
My dining choice reveals much more.
I truly am an omnivore.
Crustacea’s not the only thing
this wily forest fox does deem
to be worthy of a bite,
all that is edible just might.
While my name’s a bit misleading,
I’ll just smile while I keep feeding.

The Crab-eating Fox also goes by various other monikers: Forest Fox, Wood Fox and Savanna Fox.

~ Words, poem and Crab-eating Fox capture, What’s in a Name? © Jerry L. Ferrara

Black-capped Chickadee – The Hypothermic Chickadee

The Hypothermic Chickadee

While testing some new camera equipment to be taken on our upcoming Antarctic journey, I had this captivating avian munchkin give me an unusual, over-the-shoulder pose.  It inspired the following poem about the endearing Black-capped Chickadee.

The Hypothermic Chickadee

I act a bit just like a twit, my energy’s unbound.
Throughout the day I do make hay, eat everything that’s found.
When the cold does take hold, at night my state’s suspended.
In this way I will stay ’til eve’s chill has been ended.

The Black-capped Chickadee employs a unique technique for combating cold evening conditions. It is able to lower its body temperature and preserve its energy stores.

~ Essay, poem and Black-capped Chickadee capture, The Hypothermic Chickadee © Jerry L. Ferrara

White-tailed Deer – Full of Grace

Full of Grace

Full of Grace

The dawn has broke, the day’s begun.
A heavy mist conceals the sun.
Yet nearest star still paints the space,
with gentle strokes … so full of grace.

A pair of White-tailed Deer idle in an early morning autumn meadow.

~ Poem, words and White-tailed Deer capture, Full of Grace © Jerry L. Ferrara

North Idaho Scenic – Oh Wintertide

Oh Wintertide

Oh Wintertide

Ebb and flow the seasons go
bring harmony and strife.
So rise and fall Oh Wintertide
you oscillate with life.

~ Poem and North Idaho Scenic capture, Oh Wintertide © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagles – The Gathering

The Gathering

The Gathering

In stark trees they wait
Stillness be their state
When air is frigid cold
All actions put on hold
No energy to waste
Conserve they do embrace
It’s just Bald Eagles’ way
To pass a winter’s day.

~ Poem and Bald Eagles capture, The Gathering © Jerry L. Ferrara

White-tailed Deer – The Essence

The Essence

There is a spirit or quality expressed by all living things.  It is each entity’s signature.  The essence of the White-tailed Deer is elusiveness, especially demonstrated during the hunting season.

The Essence

A shadow comes, a shadow goes
deep within the mist it flows.
Is there substance to its form
or mere figment from mind born?
Feel it now as it draws near,
the essence of the White-tailed Deer.

~ Words, poem and White-tailed Deer capture, The Essence © Jerry L. Ferrara