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Bengal Monitor – Dragon



Dragons be monsters of myth and lore
Their essence brings fear so very sure
But do these creatures in fact exist?
Or are they figments that dwell in mist?
Dragon slayers do boast they are real
Recounting battles with boundless zeal
Scales, long tail and a mouth that’s afire
A construct of threat, one that is so dire
You may not believe all this legend and stuff
Yes someday you might meet a dragon named Puff!

     This Bengal Monitor is not quite the dragon of legends, but was a thrill to see as it slowly crossed the road in front of us and methodically swaggered into the Sal forest’s dense understory.

~ Poem and Bengal Monitor capture, Dragon © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India.

Japanese Red-crowned Cranes – The Courtly Dance

The Courtly Dance

The Courtly Dance

Gyrate, sway and spin away
Leap and twirl, a magic swirl
It’s not by chance nor happenstance
And so they prance the courtly dance

A pair of Japanese Red-crowned Cranes perform their ritualistic dance.

~ Poem and Japanese Red-crowned Cranes capture, The Courtly Dance © Jerry L. Ferrara, Akan International Crane Center, Hokkaido, Japan.

Bengal Tiger – Calling Card

Calling Card

Calling Card

     Catching the scent of another cat and marking its own spoor on the vegetation, this Bengal Tiger is rubbing its chin and lip glands and depositing a hormone called a pheromone.  It’s the tiger’s calling card.

~ Anecdote and Bengal Tiger capture, Calling Card © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India.

Idaho Scenic – Moments to Reflect

Moments to Reflect

Medicine for the mind and soul.

Moments to Reflect

Descend through the fathoms of memory
in search of introspect.
There in a fortress of solitude
find moments to reflect.
In that place you might recall
pasts so buried deep.
That’s the time to pull them fore,
resurrect them from their sleep.
The good thoughts are the keepers,
embrace them as they flow.
The hurtful ones place in the fire,
forgive and let them go.

I’ve never felt more at peace than when I’m in a wild setting or in the company of wild entities. It is those times that provide moments to reflect on the past, cleanse the soul and let go.

~ Poem and Idaho scenic capture from Myrtle Creek, Moments to Reflect © Jerry L. Ferrara

Hanuman Langur – The Nurturer

The Nurturer

The Nurturer

All come into this world from a special entity
who guides us through life’s whirl and molds us what to be.
Care is at the seat of every move she makes,
for nurture is so sweet, that alchemy creates.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms … past, present and to-be.

~ Poem and Hanuman Langur image, The Nurturer © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India.

Common Mynah – Hitchin’ A Ride

Hitchin' A Ride

Hitchin’ A Ride

     A highly successful species known as the Common Mynah is a native component of India’s avifauna.  Here, a Common Mynah gets a lift from a Gaur.  Whether the mynah is there gleaning insects from the bovine’s coat or simply using the lofty position to scope out a potential meal disturbed from nearby vegetation as the great beast walks through, the Common Mynah takes full advantage of the situation by hitchin’ a ride.

~ Anecdote, Common Mynah and Gaur images, Hitchin’ A Ride © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India

Bengal Tiger – Chillin’ in the Pool

Chillin' in the Pool

Chillin’ in the Pool

Chillin’ in the pool
Is just a thing they do
Especially when hot
They tolerate that not
With maw agape they’ll pant
But oft be cooled they can’t
So water quells the grief
And tiger finds relief

~ Poem and Bengal Tiger capture, Chillin’ in the Pool © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India.

Indian Peacock – A Sea of Eyes

A Sea of Eyes

A Sea of Eyes

A fan, a spray, a colorful display
A voice that wails, a query or a hail?
Forget the cries, there is a sea of eyes!

~ Poem and Indian Peacock capture, A Sea of Eyes © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India

Bengal Tiger – A Multi-intended Communiqué

A Multi-intended Communiqué

A Multi-intended Communiqué

    It was oppressively hot but the great cat still had much ground to cover.  Along its route there would be opportunities to rest and recuperate.  These interludes would be brief, though, for the Bengal Tiger had a missive to deliver.  The information would be distributed via the marking of its territory.  Spraying messages on trees was the feline’s preferred method of delivery.  What did the message say?

     For sure it was a bold proclamation of area claimed.  Perhaps, too, it indicated the author’s gender, physical condition and possibly reproductive readiness.  The pheromone-filled elixir was more than likely a multi-intended communiqué.

~ Anecdote and Bengal Tiger capture, A Multi-intended Communiqué © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India.

Indian Roller – A Palette of Color

A Palette of Color

A Palette of Color

     At first glance the bird called an Indian Roller appeared visually uninteresting.  Closer scrutiny, however, revealed it to be a palette of color.

~ Anecdote and Indian Roller capture, A Palette of Color © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kanha National Park, India.