Black Tern – The Wind Dancer

Black Tern

The Wind Dancer Handsome and elegant come to mind when I see the Black Tern. Little creatures of freshwater marshes, their distinctive call is a harbinger of late spring. They arrive, breed, rear their young and just as suddenly as they appear, they vanish. Their journey takes them to the wetlands of Mexico and Central America for the winter. When I first tried capturing Black Terns as images, it proved a daunting task. Their flight patterns are anything but linear and predictable. Erratic is more the rule, or maybe an unchoreographed free-style dance would be a more fitting description. I caught this one in mid-ethereal flight as it danced across the wind. ~ Anecdote and Black Tern capture, The Wind Dancer © Jerry L. Ferrara

Black-tailed Prairie Dog – All’s Well

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

All’s Well Furtively, the Black-tailed Prairie Dog exited its underground abode. Sitting soberly on the raised earthen mound surrounding its tunnel entrance, the spunky rodent surveyed the nearby landscape. Then, without foretelling, the prairie ground squirrel launched skyward and gave a “whee-oo” shout … “all’s well”. ~ Anecdote and Black-tailed Prairie Dog capture, All’s Well © Jerry L. Ferrara

Red-tailed Hawk – On A Chilly Winter’s Morn

Red-tailed Hawk

On A Chilly Winter’s Morn On a chilly winter’s morn, silence thundered through the surrounding pastoral fabric and a regal raptor rested upon an ancient wooden fence post. Wing, body and tail feathers spread, the Red-tailed Hawk trapped its body heat in the insulating layers of its plumage. ~ Anecdote and Red-tailed Hawk capture image, On A Chilly Winter’s Morn © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagle – Wings Aloft

Bald Eagle

Wings Aloft Feathers spread with grace divine Wings aloft by Grand Design ~ Poem and Bald Eagle capture, Wings Aloft © Jerry L. Ferrara

Moose – Across The Tranquil Marsh


Across The Tranquil Marsh On a brisk autumn morning, as the sun burned off the brume, a pair of Moose casually made their way across the tranquil marsh. ~ Anecdote and Moose capture, Across The Tranquil Marsh © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagle – Tranquil Did The Predator Wait

Bald Eagle

Tranquil Did The Predator Wait Gently fell the silken snow and quietude saturated the soft silent surroundings. In the midst of the serene storm sat a steadfast spirit. Tranquil did the predator wait. ~ Anecdote and Bald Eagle capture, Tranquil Did The Predator Wait © Jerry L. Ferrara

Solar Eclipse – On the Limb

Solar Eclipse

On the Limb Here’s a black-and-white presentation of the total solar eclipse from 8-21-17. I made the recording near Mackay, Idaho. The capture depicts solar prominences emanating from the limb of the sun and extending into the star’s corona. On 4-8-24 another ‘apparent’ complete ‘covering’ of Old Sol will take place and might be viewed [depending on the weather] from specific earthbound locations in the Continental U.S.[Mexico and Canada, too]. Check out NASA’s website for the Great North American Eclipse and its path of totality. BE SURE to take proper SAFETY PRECAUTIONS if viewing/photographing. ~ Anecdote and solar eclipse capture, On the Limb © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagle – Sweep the Boreal Aurora Sky

Bald Eagle

Sweep the Boreal Aurora Sky While the background for this shot may be reminiscent of those eerie, shadowy curtains of charged particles from the sun [the aurora borealis], it is in reality not the dramatic light show at all. What follows is the story behind the making of the image: Across the wide and watery chasm of the expansive bay, white-headed entities idled tree-bound in the deafening, hushed stillness while greeting the somber light of dawn. That same light, cast from the forest and smeared subtly onto the liquid surface, created ephemeral impressions, mirrored reflections, and muted hues … Nature the artist, the lake its immense canvas. In time, a solitary Bald Eagle launched from its lofty lookout. Over the pigmented fluid it glided low, the backdrop redolent of a Northern Lights array. Suddenly the eagle performed an astounding aerial maneuver … and “Sweep the Boreal Aurora Sky” came into existence. ~ Anecdote and Bald Eagle capture, Sweep the Boreal Aurora Sky from the book, Wild North Idaho: Photos and Reflections © Jerry L. Ferrara

Rocky Mountain Elk – The Provocateur

Rocky Mountain Elk

The Provocateur There was a rumble in the brush that sent a tremble and a rushSo difficult to endure … Enter The Provocateur Agitation was brewing in the undergrowth. A mighty dare was fiercely fomenting within the constricting confines of the brushy bramble and the agitated author came in the irrepressible guise of an imposing bull Rocky Mountain Elk. The Provocateur was methodically working himself into a full-blown frenzy and the underwood was no match for his fury as he used his massive-beamed weaponry to rake and rip the fragile forest fabric.  Eventually the bellicose brute came to the edge of the thick woodland and belted out a chillingly eerie challenge. The pronouncement was a passionate summons, “Come, let’s fight!” ~ Poem, anecdote and Rocky Mountain Elk capture, The Provocateur © Jerry L. Ferrara 

Steller’s Jay – A Bad Hair Day

Steller's Jay

A Bad Hair Day It has been raining a bit lately. During this time the Steller’s Jays have still been coming around. I pulled a couple of images for show. The copy on the left is a portrait of an obviously ‘dry’ bird. The jay capture right [yes, that’s a bird!] presents one that’s been cavorting around in the showers. Looks as though it’s having a bad hair day. ~ Anecdote and Steller’s Jay captures, A Bad Hair Day © Jerry L. Ferrara