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Pronghorn – The Bairn


The Bairn

The doe Pronghorn tentatively advanced from behind the grass-mantled knoll. From time to time she furtively glanced back in the direction from which she had come. Her conduct spoke volumes. So we waited. There was no picture making nor conversation carried out, just quiet observation. Then the reward for our effort rambunctiously materialized, seemingly to be spontaneously generated from the tall grass. The Bairn had arrived.

~ Anecdote and Pronghorn capture, The Bairn © Jerry L. Ferrara

I made this capture earlier in the spring [2021] and when ‘the little one’ showed up I immediately thought of the Scottish expression for a child, hence the title, The Bairn.

Long-billed Curlew – A Semblance Mirrored

Long-billed Curlew

A Semblance Mirrored

Devoid was the Texas coast backwater of any kind of zephyr … and the air was stilled. Placidly sat the Long-billed Curlew on a stone-laden gravel bar, the wader’s likeness painted delicately on the aqueous surface in front of the reposing shorebird. It was a semblance mirrored.

~ Anecdote and Long-billed Curlew capture, A Semblance Mirrored © Jerry L. Ferrara

Idaho Scenic – The Sultry Selle

Idaho Scenic

The Sultry Selle

Early one evening, I was in the home studio working in my “darkroom” when Vicki yelled, “Grab a camera and get outside”. Here’s what I saw and it didn’t last long … The Sultry Selle.

~ Anecdote and Idaho Scenic capture, The Sultry Selle © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bobcat – The Apex of Concentration


The Apex of Concentration

     From seemingly out of nowhere the Bobcat magically materialized. One moment it wasn’t there and in the next instant, it was. Why the grimalkin had become present was made abundantly clear in the time frame that followed.

     Crouching low, the feline crept with an eerie grace toward the object of its focus … an active pocket gopher mound complete with gopher. The countenance of the cat was the apex of concentration.

~ Anecdote and Bobcat capture, The Apex of Concentration © Jerry L. Ferrara

Mule Deer – Ladies of the Evening

Mule Deer

Ladies of the Evening

     Along the Missouri Breaks, a trio of Mule Deer doe leisurely strolled the rugged ridgeline at sundown. They were Ladies of the Evening set against a painted sky.

~ Anecdote and Mule Deer capture, Ladies of the Evening © Jerry L. Ferrara

Burchell’s Zebra and Spotted Hyena – The End Was Near

Burchell's Zebra and Spotted Hyena

The End Was Near

A Burchell’s Zebra, with its entrails exposed, clings tenaciously to life while “Death”, in the guise of a Spotted Hyena, lurks patiently in the background.

The end was near.

~ Anecdote and Burchell’s Zebra and Spotted Hyena capture, The End Was Near © Jerry L. Ferrara

Coyote – A Predator’s Look


I caught this Coyote hunting early one morning and it gave me a quick look …

A Predator’s Look

While my nose points the way to the vermin at bay

My ears will be found to hear every sound

Yet my eyes cannot hide my true feelings inside

So a predator’s look should not be mistook

~ Poem and Coyote capture, A Predator’s Look © Jerry L. Ferrara

Atlantic Puffin – Bearing Gifts

Atlantic Puffin

Bearing Gifts

A follow-up to my previous FaceBook image is an intimate view of one of the Razorbill’s “cousins”, the Atlantic Puffin. It, too, was caught returning to its nest bearing gifts. See The Clan of the Clown on our website for more Atlantic Puffin images.

~ Anecdote and Atlantic Puffin capture, Bearing Gifts © Jerry L. Ferrara

Razorbill – Quite A Catch


Quite A Catch

I caught this portrait of a very handsome Razorbill [a seabird of the alcid or auk family] bearing a meaty meal back to its nest. It was quite a catch!

~ Anecdote and Razorbill capture, Quite A Catch © Jerry L. Ferrara

White-tailed Deer – A Blazing Brume

White-tailed Deer

A Blazing Brume

A blazing brume boldly brushed the bucolic expanse as a pair of White-tailed Deer gracefully grazed the grassy grounds of the grandiose refuge floor. Within moments, the mysteriously moist mist magically melted away.

~ Anecdote and White-tailed Deer capture, A Blazing Brume © Jerry L. Ferrara