American Kestrel – Waiting Patiently

American Kestrel

Waiting Patiently Our smallest falcon, this American Kestrel was caught waiting patiently for a mouse or grasshopper meal to arrive. ~ Anecdote and American Kestrel capture, Waiting Patiently © Jerry L. Ferrara

Pine Siskin – To The Rescue

Pine Siskin

To The Rescue The plum tree in our yard is heavily infested with plant lice this year. Look closely at the leaves. Yet, the Pine Siskins [members of the Finch family] and others are coming to the rescue. This one has a morsel it just gleaned at the tip of its beak. ~ Anecdote and Pine Siskin capture, To The Rescue © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – Oscuro [Dark]


Oscuro [Dark] Secreted in the tenebrous shadow of a massive granitic boulder, the cat cautiously crouched. Its body posture spoke of uneasiness and apprehension. The Puma stared. Then, imperceptible to the eye, it mysteriously moved to a full-sitting posture. After a brief moment, it surreptitiously turned and parted from the inky shade. Like the “ghost-creature” it was, the dark and mystical feline form paused fleetingly before magically melting into the lofty expanse. He was Oscuro [Dark]. ~ Anecdote and Puma capture, Oscuro [Dark] © Jerry L. Ferrara

Brown Creeper – The Creeper’s Way

Brown Creeper

The Creeper’s Way Lives it in the forest green Oft there does it go unseen Cryptic be its outer wear So it blends in to nowhere Curved beak to probe for insect prey A tail that’s long and helps it stay Up or down along a tree It mocks the force of gravity Inch by inch it creeps along While it gives its high-pitched song Odd behavior some would say Yet it’s but the Creeper’s way The Brown Creeper is an unobtrusive, infrequently observed North American songbird. I caught this one in our yard as it investigated the tree trunk for spiders and insects. Notice how its feather colors match the tree’s surface. ~ Poem, anecdote and Brown Creeper capture, The Creeper’s Way © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – The Message Post


The Message Post The cat’s lithe form moved slowly, yet purposefully, over the sweeping steppe. At one point the Puma paused its progress. Gracefully the feline raised up and firmly grabbed with its massive paws the upper part of an ancient fence post. This was followed by leisurely rubbing its cheeks, chin and corners of its mouth on the wood. When finished the Cougar resumed its passage. It left its scent at the message post. ~ Anecdote and Puma capture, The Message Post © Jerry L. Ferrara

Andean Condor – A Flight of Fancy Dream

Andean Condor

It was amazing to witness the Andean Condors’ aerial ballets. Sometimes they used the wind under their wings to remain stationary in midair. Sometimes they sped along at a blisteringly brisk pace. In the current presentation, I purposely created a sense of the latter … a flight of fancy dream. A Flight of Fancy Dream Across the Steppe I fly From colossal cliffs so high The journey oft begins Enhanced by lofty winds My trip might actually seem A flight of fancy dream ~ Anecdote, poem and Andean Condor capture, A Flight of Fancy Dream © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – The Ghost Cat


The Ghost Cat What the Puma saw, was completely unaware Unwavering and focused, was that deadly feline stare How many of unknowing, have been subjects of that glare? The answer lies in mystery, was the ghost cat really there? ~ Poem and Puma capture, The Ghost Cat © Jerry L. Ferrara

American Goldfinch – The Faux Foe

American Goldfinch

The Faux Foe A few pair of American Goldfinch have been regularly showing up at our bird feeding station this spring. In the image, this breeding male goldfinch had just landed on the filagree over the seed tray. The vibrant-colored finch appears to be looking intently, if not aggressively, at the hummingbird figure as if it were an opponent, all the while grasping its rival’s beak. The finch is actually looking past “the faux foe” for an opportunity to descend on the food below. ~ Anecdote and American Goldfinch capture, The Faux Foe © Jerry L. Ferrara

Puma – The Watcher


The Watcher Prey beware: I walk on padded paws so hushed And wait in silence to ambush Concealed I stay so patiently Knowing they will come to me If they sense that I am here They would never dare come near Anticipate, and hold my breath For soon arrives the stench of Death ~ Poem and Puma capture, The Watcher © Jerry L. Ferrara

Hairy Armadillo – A Woolly Wonder

Hairy Armadillo

A Woolly Wonder Something dark blocked the burrow’s entrance. As the Hairy Armadillo slowly came into view, it paused briefly while showing off a raised, long-nailed fore-paw. The posture seemed an appropriate visual expression for this well-equipped fossorial mammal, while its hirsute garb bore witness to its name. It was a woolly wonder. ~ Anecdote and Hairy Armadillo capture, A Woolly Wonder © Jerry L. Ferrara