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White-tailed Deer – The Newcomer

White-tailed Deer

The Newcomer

A bracing zephyr drifted casually through the early evening air. Along the gently flowing creek, creature-activity was intensifying. A White-tailed Deer doe magically morphed into the view and then quite subtly, a gesture from the nearby brush produced an enchanting manifestation. It was the doe’s fawn. The Newcomer had arrived.

~ Anecdote and White-tailed Deer capture, The Newcomer © Jerry L. Ferrara

Mallard – A Constantly Changing Design


A Constantly Changing Design

Last week we brought the trailer out of ‘hibernation’ for a short [2 1/2-day] shakeout run. All systems were in good working order.

We also did some field work, and during one session came across this Mallard duck swimming against the flow of Myrtle Creek.

The incidence of light on the water’s streaming, rippling surface reflected continuously evolving, rounded patterns as they gyred about and around the swimming waterfowl. It was a constantly changing design.

~ Anecdote and Mallard duck capture, A Constantly Changing Design © Jerry L. Ferrara

Bald Eagle – The Isosceles Moment

Bald Eagle

In honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep this country free, may we be steadfast and KEENLY FOCUSED in ensuring that gift remains.

~ Words and Bald Eagle capture, The Isosceles Moment © Jerry L. Ferrara

Western Meadowlark – Arietta

Western Meadowlark

Arietta:  according to Merriam-Webster, is a short aria, where an aria is defined as an elaborate melody sung by a single voice.


     Last week a friend called and asked if I would like to go on a quick trip for the day to the National Bison Range in Montana … no hesitation here!

     While we saw Bison, Pronghorn, Mule Deer and a plethora of bird species, I chose this capture of Montana’s state bird, a singing adult Western Meadowlark [a member of the Blackbird Family] as my best photo effort for the day. Seemingly everywhere one looked across the expansive grassland habitat, there was one of these showy, Robin-sized songsters sitting atop a shrub or fence post, belting out its bubbly, well-recognized arietta.

~ Anecdote and Western Meadowlark capture, Arietta © Jerry L. Ferrara

Western Grebes – Rushing

Western Grebes


The Western Grebe is a spring and summer visitor to our North Idaho area and one of its most recognized behaviors is the flamboyant courtship performance called “rushing.” The ritual often doesn’t last long but is none-the-less a thrill to view. The mated pair raise themselves up in tandem, arching their backs and cocking their heads atop their beautiful swan-like necks, and with their wings held back, they literally run across the surface of the water. Near the end of the rite the pair slow down and one or both dive below. Here are two Western Grebes I caught in full swing during their “rushing” maneuver.

~ Anecdote and Western Grebes capture, Rushing © Jerry L. Ferrara

Sandhill Cranes – Environment In Chaos

Sandhill Cranes

Environment In Chaos

The image of Sandhill Cranes titled Environment In Chaos was initially made circa 1980 in a New Mexico marsh. The presentation is for the viewer to interpret.

~ Anecdote and Sandhill Cranes capture, Environment In Chaos © Jerry L. Ferrara