The Fighter Burchell’s Zebra, Spotted Hyenas – The Fighter

The Fighter

     It was a titanic battle with Death, and Life fiercely fought back … but it was only a matter of time.

     The Burchell’s Zebra struggled diligently to keep up with its herd.  It had just survived a lion attack, and that encounter had left the equine entity disemboweled.  As the zebra’s strength wearily waned a Spotted Hyena clan’s relentless bedevilments became bolder and bolder.  The ‘dog-like’ predator-scavengers smelled that an opportunity was near at hand.

     Being mortally compromised, the injured zebra’s pace finally became insufficient to keep up with the herd and it dropped behind.  Three times the fold returned to its seriously injured member and acted in concert to foil the hyenas’ predatory plans and three times found success in moving the would-be assassins away.

     Following the third rescue the mood changed.  It was time.  The lead stallion approached its injured herd-mate.  The two touched noses.  The herd moved on.  The hooligan crowd moved in.

     But the story did not end there.  What ensued was a battle of will that reached tsunami proportions.  Repeatedly the hyenas charged.  Again and again the zebra met each assault with its sharp hooves flying.  The fracas continued for what seemed an eternity.

     In the final moments of its life, the zebra stood stalwart and defiantly faced its assailants.  Then the opportunists closed in and down went the equid.  There was rending of flesh, fast whoop calls and a confusing obfuscation of view as mortality was consummated.

     In the end the fighter was vanquished yet one aspect of the striped horse could not be diminished.  Its dauntless spirit lives and still wanders the vast expanses of the enigmatic Mara.

~ Anecdote and Burchell’s Zebra and Spotted Hyena capture, The Fighter © Jerry L. Ferrara, Kenya, Africa.


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