Waiting and Watching Brown Bear – Waiting and Watching

Seeing is an art that relies on waiting and watching.

Waiting and Watching

It was just before first light somewhere along a remote Alaskan river.  At first glance the scene appeared unchanging and uninteresting.  Closer examination proved otherwise.  There was much to behold, hear and feel by just simply concentrating.

The air was brisk and dense with mood.  A gentle breeze lilted through the thick grass compelling the tall reeds to undulate in sensual arcs, and the river spoke tenderly.

As morning’s subdued light slowly germinated, a massive shadow took form along the tenebrous shore … and a mighty Brown Bear gracefully strode the waterside.  The setting evolved into a moment of visual rapture and was witnessed as a consequence of waiting and watching.

~ Anecdote and Brown Bear capture, Waiting and Watching © Jerry L. Ferrara


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