The Toss and Grab Red-billed Hornbill – The Toss and Grab

The Toss and Grab

     At first I wasn’t quite certain what the Red-billed Hornbill was up to, even though it was positioned in a typically characteristic location for its kind … on the ground.  Then I saw what was so monumentally absorbing the creature’s attention.  It was a rather large grasshopper.  Robustly the large-billed bird wrangled and thrashed its victim, often ruggedly swiping its future meal across the uneven ground and grinding it in its beak.  This was intermittently followed by releasing the prey only to roughly rein it in anew.  The bird’s obvious intention was to knock the locust senseless and break it into pieces before attempting to ingest said subject.

     At one ephemeral moment the hornbill flicked its hapless victim into the air and expertly fielded the insect with its scissor-like mandibles.  This Old World avian tropical species has the toss and grab down pat.  

~ Anecdote and Red-billed Hornbill capture, The Toss and Grab © Jerry L. Ferrara,  Sambura National Reserve, Kenya


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