Bald Eagle – Dances With Fish

Bald Eagle

Dances With Fish

Fleeting, ephemeral and transitory instances in Nature are thrilling to witness. Vision, however, is often challenged. To capture all of the precise aspects of an ephemeral moment with the eye alone is nearly impossible. An example of this is proffered here. A resplendent Bald Eagle is caught in a trice as it is about to seize a Kokanee Salmon. At the same time, the eagle’s watery likeness impersonates the predator’s reality. The bird and its “apparent partner” seem to be dancing around a precise locus, a pivot at a point in the prance where real and reflected are both in rhythmic lockstep, tripping the light fantastic in concert as they perform dances with fish … and the camera captured an elusive part of the deed in a wink of the eye.

 ~ Anecdote and Bald Eagle capture, Dances With Fish © Jerry L. Ferrara