Brown Creeper – The Creeper’s Way

Brown Creeper

The Creeper’s Way

Lives it in the forest green
Oft there does it go unseen

Cryptic be its outer wear
So it blends in to nowhere

Curved beak to probe for insect prey
A tail that's long and helps it stay

Up or down along a tree
It mocks the force of gravity

Inch by inch it creeps along
While it gives its high-pitched song

Odd behavior some would say
Yet it's but the Creeper's way

The Brown Creeper is an unobtrusive, infrequently observed North American songbird. I caught this one in our yard as it investigated the tree trunk for spiders and insects. Notice how its feather colors match the tree’s surface.

~ Poem, anecdote and Brown Creeper capture, The Creeper’s Way © Jerry L. Ferrara