Great Horned Owl – Old Friend

Great Horned Owl

Old Friend

     Hello Old Friend.  So good to see you today.  It’s been awhile.  Wasn’t sure you had not moved on.  I last heard you speaking from somewhere deep in the frigid January woods.  Your conversations with others seemed somber and deep-seated.  I’m sure any and all transgressions and indiscretions were handled diplomatically.  I recognized your presence back in March when a murder of crows rampaged and ransacked the forest in a ruthless, raucous attempt to drive you out.  I feared they attained their goal for your absence has been strongly felt.  But gladly I was incorrect, for here you are!  So good to see you today, my Old Friend.

~ Anecdote and Great Horned Owl capture, Old Friend © Jerry L. Ferrara