Light Geese – Below A Silent Crescent Moon

Light Geese

Below A Silent Crescent Moon

The icy morning temperature loitered near twenty degrees Fahrenheit as soft calls and gentle murmurings from the Snow Geese drifted languidly across the marsh. Waiting patiently to depart their evening roost, the geese idly “talked” … and then came their cue.

Light, from the eastern horizon, brightened as our nearest star began to paint the pre-dawn sky. A pregnant pause in “goose speak” stilled the air waves. The silence, however, was short-lived. What ensued was a spectacular tumult as a storm of wings-by-the-thousands thrashed the air amidst the keyed up cries of the departing geese. As rafts of boisterous birds blew up from the wetland, they passed below a silent crescent moon.

~ Anecdote and Light Geese capture, Below A Silent Crescent Moon © Jerry L. Ferrara