Northern Pygmy Owl – A Feathered Despot

Northern Pygmy Owl

A Feathered Despot

Though my stature be quite slight,
strength makes me a mighty sprite.
All the world must realize,
power is not judged by size.
I ambush and I use surprise,
so from this scheme success derives.
Merciless when I predate,
victims find oft it's too late.
In the open at my job,
that's why I am sometimes mobbed.
I take the last in casual stride,
for not all aggravants will hide.
So, you beware small birds in strife,
this feathered despot's not so nice.
Beasties you have much to fear,
when this pygmy owl draws near.

~ Poem and Northern Pygmy Owl image, A Feathered Despot © Jerry L. Ferrara