Rocky Mountain Elk – The Provocateur

Rocky Mountain Elk

The Provocateur

There was a rumble in the brush that sent a tremble and a rush
So difficult to endure … Enter The Provocateur

Agitation was brewing in the undergrowth. A mighty dare was fiercely fomenting within the constricting confines of the brushy bramble and the agitated author came in the irrepressible guise of an imposing bull Rocky Mountain Elk. The Provocateur was methodically working himself into a full-blown frenzy and the underwood was no match for his fury as he used his massive-beamed weaponry to rake and rip the fragile forest fabric. 

Eventually the bellicose brute came to the edge of the thick woodland and belted out a chillingly eerie challenge. The pronouncement was a passionate summons, “Come, let’s fight!”

~ Poem, anecdote and Rocky Mountain Elk capture, The Provocateur © Jerry L. Ferrara